I imagine as you read this title you think I am referring to the Jess' ...but I am not. This actually is an understanding Pastor David has realized based on his people. People that feel that scarcity, and hardship, and poverty is normal. Please be praying that they will have a renewing of their minds and hearts and a grasp of how deep and wide and high is the love of God. So deep that He wants them to be filled to the fullest measure ...John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." These people have been robbed of their homes, their health, their dignity, their families, their heritage. I pray for joy & peace to overflow as they begin to live as God intended. Not in fear, not in desperation, not in lack ...but filled with the gracious goodness of our Lord in Spirit, mind and body. Living with a new hope, a new direction, a new zeal. We pray that as they see the light of Christ shining through these that love them it will be a Beacon to lead them into a resurrected hope. As I write I am certain my children's hearts are breaking as they say good bye to the people of Bomi. They will return to Monrovia this afternoon. The truck was repaired and made it back on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately by this time they had made four trips to the river to haul water already. It is about a 20 min walk one way. The contractor acquired extra help for the last two days which was so needed with them being behind schedule due to the water shortage and worker shortage. The first building is completely finished and they will complete the second next week. They plants are doing very well just not established enough for to transplant to the aquaponics system yet. They have a gentleman from another village that will be care-taking the garden for them and Pastor David has been taught how to set up the aquaponics once they are ready. Jessica and Pauline traveled to each of the surrounding 3 villages. They continue to establish relationship and carry love of Christ to their brothers and sisters. Jesse did hear back from the Water for Life team and they will be in Bomi next week to do the sight survey for the well drilling. What a gift that will be! By tonight I hope they will have ability to have pictures uploaded. As you drink that cup of fresh water from your faucet today will you give thanks As you eat from that table a full portion will you give thanks As you drift off to sleep in a bed of comfort will you give thanks And as you rise tomorrow morning with the Hope and promise of a Resurrected Savior and a sacrifice paid for you will you give thanks and praise and honor to Jesus ... and remember the people of Bomi and the work yet to be done to take the hope, the light the love of Christ to all nations.

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