For the Lamb is operating under the 501c3 covering of Liberia Mercy Partners (LMP). To learn more about the team in the US please click the link below to be directed to the LMP website.


Liberia Team

Jesse and Jessica Phillips


Liberia Field Directors



Jesse and Jessica Phillips grew up in New Sharon, IA. Jessica had Africa placed on her heart at a very young age and that passion was only fueled for her when she met her soul mate Jesse whom also was open to whatever God had in store for him. Seeing his beautiful bride so passionate about such a worthy cause only fueled his desires to become apart of the mission Jessica felt in Africa. They gave up their own plan for a prosperous future in America to see how they could be a help others with little or no hope. Jesse gave up his full college scholarship in Electrical engineering and his career in residential electrical work to step into ministry.  Upon arriving in Liberia, Africa this young engaged couple quickly realized where their hearts belonged. They fell in love with people and made strong bonds with the pastors and families they walked alongside. Once they left, they felt like they had left a piece of their hearts there and knew they had to return and soon. They then quickly planned a second trip just the two of them a year later. The second trip to Liberia, Africa again confirmed that this was exactly where God wanted them by their strong desire to stay and not return to the United States. Now that they have established their non profit ‘For the Lamb’ –  they are working continue what God has started in Liberia. Their passion and dedication to the people of Liberia is evident to all whom come in relationship with them. Jesse and Jessica are now living in Liberia so that they can be a connection between the under-resourced communities in Liberia and potential global partners to stop the cycle of poverty and empower the people of Africa.

Jesse will be using his training as an electrician and his roots in agriculture to set up solar power in remote villages as well as help to teach and develop better ways of growing crops and animals for food.

Jessica is a photographer at heart and is very good with children. She hopes to be able to set up a child outreach ministry as well as use her photography skills to make sure that supporters back home can experience every story and every adventure.

Joseph Fallah Fayiah

Liberia Field Agent


My name is Joseph F. Fiah. I’m from Liberia, and the part of Liberia is Western Liberia which is Lofa County, Foya District. A town by the name of……..
During the civil war I left, my mother took me to Sierra Leone to one of the refugee camp. By the name …… Yeah. So I grew up there and started my elementary school there. Later on came back to Liberia…  When I came back to Liberia I spent a lot of time with my mother. While I was there with my mother, my uncle sent for me to come to Monrovia and go to school. When I came to Monrovia I spent I think one month with my uncle and later on he (put) me out, he and his wife. So I started struggling to send myself to school because I never wanted to be out of school. So I work hard I took contract from those ladies that do gardening work.  And I generate funding so that’s how I sent myself to school until I was in the Sr high in the 11 grade 2011 I was attending Heart of Grace which is the school that was started by Change Agent Network. So I stayed there until graduation. Upon my graduation they offer me a scholarship, 2013. Then they asked me to stay with them so they could teach me what to do, how to give back to society how to offer my services to the community. I stayed with them and they taught me a lot of skills, leadership skills and others.

I met Jesse and Jessica through CAN. First of all they came in Dec when they came to Lofa County. It was during my school break. I went to Lofa to do some work for the organization because that is my usual work I’m doing.  While I was there they came to visit us so that very day they spoke to us and I started getting to know them. When I came back to town they would often visit the headquarters which is HOG campus. So we started to get to know them. I decided to join the 4TL team because their dream to Liberia is very much significant to me. I feel like that is one of the forgotten things that the Liberian people and organizations within Liberia are not paying attention to. Because of that a lot of organizations breaking down not realizing the main thing that they are supposed to do. Their dream and mission in Liberia is very much important, not only to me but I feel like all organization could have done that or I feel like everyone should take part and see how best it could work because it is very much important. I have an interest in the dream and vision to Liberia and the mission they are on so I have to take part because I want to see it happening and I want to see Liberian organization being sustainable through their dream to move Liberia forward, and even the surrounding countries.

Giving my heart to 4TL, I’m committed to what they are doing. My involvement their plans and even the plans I have will help to change Liberia. Because my main focus is changing Liberia. What they decided to do is very important to me. What they already planned and my own thinking, because I know much about Liberia.  I having a heart of doing it. So I’m always trying to plan every positive and good thing that will move 4TL forward. I pray to God, that God would help us to carry on the process because this what I think that is rightful for the Liberian organizations and even the Liberian people. My involvement in 4TL is a great help for Liberia and for myself. So I will do whatsoever I can in my own way to see 4TL moving forward.

So if you can be a part of this and support whatsoever you have to support this dream we’re sure this is going to impact many people and organizations and keep them alive and many generations will benefit from it. We are asking everyone to be a part of this process and give whatever support you can. Be financial, moral, and even spiritual support, you can. To help us make this happen. So we appreciate everyone who is trying their possible best to make this happen and we’re encouraging those who are not aware of this dream to please come on board to work with us to make this happen in Africa. It’s not only Liberia. So I thank everyone for listening to us and me rather and joining us in this process.