Have you ever really wanted to become a part of something bigger than yourself? Have you been looking around and seeing God work through all kinds of people for all kinds of things, but never really been a part of it? We invite you join us as we share the love of Jesus with the people of Liberia and find ways to empower them as a people instead of continue the trend of enabling with empty gifts of money. By joining our team financially, you will be able to put your name on a powerful part of God's story. You will have opportunities to go and personally impact people's lives. God will be using you as a channel of blessing to orphaned children, kids who need an education, and parents who need encouragement and empowerment to take care of their families. We're asking you to sow a financial seed that could grow and turn into a forest of opportunities for many in need.   Please consider joining in the cause of the For the Lamb team to spread the love of Jesus and provide the means to empower the people of Liberia, Africa.

You can also view a list of specific short term and long term needs for the organization and the team by clicking the button below


We have 3 ways that you can financially support us in our efforts:

1. Send a check (or cash) made out to 'For the Lamb' to 4740 Green River Rd #217 Corona CA 92880 (one-time gifts & monthly)

2. Work with your bank to set up an Automatic Bill-Pay to the above address. (monthly)       

3. Press the donate button and Give Online. You will be redirected to Paypal where you can choose to make a one time donation or an ongoing contribution.

(one-time gifts & monthly)