BP-714 Story

The BP-714 Compressed earth machine is a game changer for the development of Liberia. God knew that long before we could even dream of it. In fact He worked through a complete stranger. Before we even thought of working in Liberia, His blessing was already on its way here. This is an amazing story of how God really does go ahead of us and prepare the way. Enjoy


The Machine

The BP714 is the latest technology in earth block press equipment.

  • The two-stage compression system delivers a block that is both density and dimensionally consistent for the first time in the industry.
  • The strength of the blocks can surpass current U.S. compressive standards for concrete blocks.
  • Compressing a mixture of soil and stabilizer make blocks that use less material per square meter (square foot) than any other block press machines.
  • Unlike deforestation and air pollution associated with clay brick and cement block production, the BP714 manufactures earth blocks with little to no impact on the environment while creating a sustainable product and jobs.
  • The BP714 is designed to be operator friendly and functional without electricity and can produce four blocks a minute.

Connecting the Dots

The following article is written by Dr. John Michael Helms, founder of the Bricks for Ricks foundation. Read more about Bricks for Ricks Foundation Here

The Bricks for Ricks foundation was established in 2008 while Jesse and Jessica were still freshmen in high school. The first machine ever to be built was sent to Liberia almost a year before they made their very first trip to the country. Please click the link below to get the full story from Dr. Helms.


a first for everything

Finally after 3 years of sitting dormant, the BP-714 machine was dusted off, transported to its first production site, and cranked up to produce 15,000 quality earth blocks for the construction of the first wing of the Beualah Mission School!


Keeping the Ball Rolling

The machine then made its way to Compound 3 town, Grand Bassa County, where it produced 17,000 bricks for the construction of the Fairshake Village Gathering Center

.......To Be Continued.....

God is not done yet and He has many more dreams to make reality with this amazing blessing of a machine. 4TL plans to share this technology with as many as we can! This is where you get to come in! We encourage you to pray and ask God if this is something that He wants you to be a part of. Ask Him if He wants to use YOU to make this vision into a reality. Please check out our Next Steps and see what you can do to be a part of empowering a nation.