Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Mission: For the Lamb works with communities to initiate a culture of sustainability that is rooted in a relationship with Christ.

Vision: A world where the body of Christ works together peacefully to ensure spiritual growth, bring Jesus to those who don't know Him, and ensures wealth creation for all those who they come in contact with in the name of Christ.

Philosophy: To be advocates for sustainable living and empowerment for the families and the communities throughout Liberia. To help teach sustainability as well as teaching about the grace, love, and forgiveness offered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We embrace the heart of the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20, to raise a new generation in Christ to bring hope for generations to come!

We are seeking to empower the lives of the people by introducing low cost construction for homes, schools, and churches, clean energy, and encouraging entrepreneurship. We are continually searching out new initiatives to uplift and empower the people. We want to break the cycle of poverty in the world by Reaching the under-resourced communities with the gospel, Training them how to use what God has given them to prosper, and Planting a seed of hope that will grow in the generations to come.