Its finally here! The moment we’ve been longing for. For the last 3 years we have been working towards the vision of living in Liberia and doing ministry with our African brothers and sisters. There really are no words that will come close to describing how we feel at this moment, but I will give it a shot.

Last goodbye to a wonderful home

This last week has been difficult, but exciting. We spent the first part of the week packing up all of our possessions and moving out of our beautiful cabin. I know it sounds very weird but, to be honest, that was one of the most difficult things to let go of for both of us. That little safe haven was built with my own two hands, with the help of so many of our friends and family members. We wrote scripture throughout the building process and prayed over every inch offering it to the Lord and asking for his blessing and protection. We never thought we would have to say goodbye to it after 3 years of beautiful memories and cozy shelter. Our plans were to keep the cabin and be able to have a place to stay when we are home, but about six months ago God asked us to really offer it to Him and say goodbye.

Jessica and her mom, Julie

Throughout this last week we have celebrated with family and rejoiced with board members that Gods promises are being fulfilled. I’m sure that everyone can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to our families. We were showered with love and support from all sides as we got to sleep over with Jesse’s family on Tuesday night and Jessica’s family on Wednesday night. We were caught off guard with a surprise Christmas party because we won’t be around for Christmas. We got to wear our Santa hats and make sugar cookies and just laugh and enjoy our family. Such an amazing way to go, not mourning but celebrating, tears of happiness because of God’s amazing purposes.

Jesse and Mama Ju

We are sitting in Chicago O’Hareairport waiting for our 13 hour flight to Brussels and then another 8 hour flight down to Monrovia Liberia where our Liberian brother, David, and his daughter, Hannah, will be waiting eagerly to take us home. We are expecting great things as we make this step into God’s plans for us. “Great things” doesn’t always mean financial abundance, personal success, or even safety. God asks for all of us to be obedient. If you can look at what you are doing and honestly say that it is out of complete and utter obedience to our creator and king, the one who has saved us from our own sin, then, by biblical definition, you are doing great things and the Lord is with you.

Making Sugar Cookies and getting flour on eachother

So as we move into this next phase of our life, and also the launching phase of For the Lamb Ministries, we can be thankful that the Lord has blessed us and has prepared the way thus far. And because of that, we know that He will continue to go ahead of us because He knows we will follow whole-heartedly. Please be in prayer that we will continue to have the ability to quiet ourselves to listen to Gods still small voice, and the courage to follow Him wherever He may lead.

If you are reading this and you can sense Him tugging on your heart, we encourage you to join this community of believers who are pressing on whole heartedly For the Lamb of God no matter what the cost! We would love to share with you how you can be a part of God’s vision in Bomi County Liberia, and how He has already put together a group of schmucks and nobodies to carry out his perfect purpose. Our next contact will be from Monrovia, Liberia. Until then, God bless and stay salty.

-The Jess’

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