Short Term Needs

Below is a list of specific needs that we have over the next 5 months. These short term needs are the most urgent. If you're looking for long term, vision-based needs please continue scrolling. We ask that you prayerfully consider meeting one or more of these needs as the Lord leads.


additional monthly partners

We are in need of additional partners that would commit to giving on a regular basis. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual partner of For the Lamb? Your ongoing support will allow us to position ourselves in the best way to empower the people of Liberia one community at a time.



Our Field Directors

Jesse and Jessica Phillips are the conduit that take your donation and bring it to life. Their active presence on a daily basis (building the local team, searching for impact projects, mobilizing materials and man power, discipling the team, etc) is what makes it possible for your gift to be materialized into restoration, empowerment, and development for a people that need our help. They have stepped away from their comfort zone and chosen a life of sacrifice so that the love of Jesus can be shared through them. It is therefore up to all of us to make sure their personal needs are met on a daily basis. Below is a list of specific personal needs that they have on the ground. All contributions are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 non profit status.


personal items

The following is a list of small personal items that they have requested:

  • Goal Zero Yeti kitclick here
  • essential oils are used on a regular basis as it is very risky to use the medicine sold in Liberia.
  • art supplies for Jessica (sketchpads, paints, coloring pencils, etc) art is Jessica's release and also her environment to speak with God.
  • Tupperware sets
  • katadyn water filter click here
  • Portable projector system click here

If you have any of these items and would like to bless them with it, please let us know. You can also help us with shipping costs by clicking here.



Kingdom Earth Builders

To learn more about Kingdom Earth Builders please click here. We have several specific needs in order to get the block business up and running. The infrastructure that we put in place will greatly impact the effectiveness of the ministry not only from a financial side but also having the machinery and tools to greatly reduce costs and efficiency of the block production process. Everything you donate will go into our LEAD fund which will be directed to what is needed for the starting and operating of the business.



We are looking for 4 acres land in the Monrovia area to set up our base and block factory production site. We are already speaking with a few different people about land donation but that might not happen. Currently the cost of land is about $1,200 per lot (1/3 acre) So our estimated total expense for land if we have to purchase is $14,200.



For optimum block production and storage we will need 2 large 30' by 60' pavilions with covered storage for tools, cement, equipment, etc.

Estimated $60,000



The following equipment is needed along with the estimated price:

  • M750 Soil Cement Blender $10,700
  • Skid loader with bucket, digger, and pallet attachments $20,000
  • Dump Truck $10,000
  • 2 portable conveyor systems $6,600 each total $13,200
  • Hammer Mill Soil Crusher $13,500
  • Powered screen system $6,500
  • Generator for Conveyors and screen system $3,000

base, Office, and living quarters

In order to run our operation we are in need of a Base which will consist of an office and guest house/living quarters for volunteers, visitors etc. This will also double as a spec home for potential customers and beneficiaries to see a finished product and know what they will be getting with our service.

Estimated Cost: $50,000


Monthly operational expenses for a year

In order to get the business up and running to be able to turn over revenue to the business and begin the cycle of sustainability, we are in need of operating expenses for a year. This includes material cost, labor, etc. Once our inventory is built up we can begin to sell blocks cover operational expenses from there.

$84,000 Total ( $7,000 per month)