Travel to Impact Liberia(TIL)


Do you feel a strong nudge to do something that benefits someone else? Something which is much more challenging and bigger than yourself? Searching for adventure and personal growth? Do you have a desire to see, experience and discover faith in new and meaningful ways but just don’t know what step to take next? Travel To Impact (Liberia) exists to assist others in exploring a world bigger than ourselves with love and humility.

Travel to Impact Liberia (TIL) is an initiative of Change Agent Network and is now being implemented by For the Lamb. TIL aims to provide the figurative bridge between individuals desiring to seeking to make a real difference, and the beneficiary communities who truly require it and are determined to be faithful stewards of the resources given to them.

An enduring (but not endearing) quality of the world we live in is the inequality of human existence within and between disparate societies. Whilst many are privileged to enjoy regular access to the basic amenities of living (food, shelter, education and healthcare), many others are confronted daily with seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by their natural environments which keep them from enjoying these bare essentials required to maintain minimum human dignity. And while there are a considerable number of charitable-minded individuals ready to give their time and resources to provide a means of livelihood to these underprivileged, they typically lack an accessible and reliable channel through which to provide an effective intervention.

TIL offers you an opportunity to visit the burgeoning community development efforts of Change Agent Network and For the Lamb in Liberia, and to personally witness a quiet societal transformation in the early stages of its progress. There is the attendant prospect for such individuals to share not just their material resources, but also their skills and life experiences with an intrinsically hospitable but disadvantaged community attempting to rebuild itself after the ravages of a consumptive civil war. An exciting side-feature of TIL is the personal self-discovery for participating visitors that frequently follows as a consequence of selfless engagement in a genuine community welfare/development initiative. The various testimonies of professionals in diverse industries such as healthcare, education and energy who have completed a TIL visit are a tribute to this experience.

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Learn, grow, and maximize your gifts and talents for the advancement of humanity and God’s love for a dying world

  1. Connect and learn about the past, present, and future of the next generation of Liberians through one- on- one interactions with the local people
  2. Have an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships with local Liberians


Travel to Impact Liberia is an opportunity to learn about the rich history of Liberia and the struggles of a people so disadvantaged yet so happy. We promise that you will return home transformed and filled with hope and motivation to make a difference in the lives of others around you.


All of our trips are fully escorted and normally last for 6-14 days. This will afford you the opportunity to be a part of the bigger story in life in many different locations of the country. Among other things, you will help to provide human services, community development programs and Christ’s love to the hopeless and poorest of the poor. It is here that you will make the most impact and also where the most highlights are created.

We will assist you through every phase of your trip to Liberia including visa applications, trip consulting, risk assessments, and team-building. Rest assured, by His grace, we will work with you through every step to ensure this is a trip of a lifetime.

We are committed to providing you with the opportunity to positively impact the communities we serve in post-war Liberia and also the lives of our volunteers and partners-in-progress who “Travel to Impact”. Great progress is made with little acts of service. Once you depart Liberia your priceless contributions will benefit the local people forever. Your TIL trip also has the potential for a reciprocal outcome. By this we mean that the impact you make in the lives of these struggling people, is often equivalent to the impact the local people will make on you.

You may not be able to change the whole world from where you are, but you can help change the life of each individual you meet every day during the course of your trip by influencing the growth and development of your fellow human beings.


With the TIL team of friendly and knowledgeable staff both on-ground in Liberia and also in the United States, For the Lamb is well-positioned to facilitate the following:

  • Flight arrangements
  • Visa applications
  • Cultural Education about Liberia
  • In country transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Sight-seeing
  • Project organization
  • General advice
  • To deliver a truly memorable visit of infinitely greater worth than the cost of a plane ticket