So I'm sure you've heard us talking about malaria being a killer disease in African countries including Liberia. Malaria comes from dirty water and also from mosquitos. It's a disease that everybody in Liberia is familiar with, and if you have access to a drug store or clinic there is nothing to worry about because you can take pills to heal you. The main problem is the people that don't have access to the medication. The Main side affects of malaria are high fever, achy body, head ache, and sore throat. Most Liberians in the city can tell they are getting malaria and go get a tablet really quick if they have the money. Jess and I had a very scary experience on the night of the 25th. After we left Monrovia, the plane then goes to an airport in Ghana to add passengers and refuel. When the plane landed in Ghana and 8 pm I had a fever of 101.5 and could barely move because of body aches with a headache that made me want to cut it off. When the flight attendants became aware of this we were escorted off of the plane because the US would not let me come over with a fever. We walked off the plane and onto the tarmac of a country that we had never been to with no cash to pay for medical treatment, nobody that we knew, and no idea what we were going to do. We sat and waited just by the plane for an ambulance to carry us to the airport clinic. We then we taken to a doctor that prescribed me malaria pills and sent me off to the hospital to get blood tests. Well that didn't really work out when we arrived at the hospital and all of the beds were full so they wouldn't take us. We were informed that we had to have a letter from a doctor proving that i was fit to fly. Now this is when we realized that God was really with us. We called home and told our parents what had happened and asked for prayer. We didn't want to make it public because we really didn't want people to freak out but we had a few praying from the states and we had the CAFMACP team praying from Liberia. When the ambulance carried us back to the airport there was a shuttle with all of our luggage in it ready to take us to a 3 or 4 star hotel to stay the night. From then on it went very smoothly. Our tickets were re-booked for us without us lifting a finger, our hotel costs were all payed and the next morning we went to the airport clinic to get our letter without any tests. We spent the day resting and got on our flight the night of the 26th and here we are. Thank you Lord! We know that You are with us and You will always be with us. We're back now and taking some time to rest and get ready for all the work that needs to be done here in the states.

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