This was the title to Pastor Davids message this morning. He spoke on the early church and how they were mocked for following the belief of Christ...people knew they were followers by their actions...they didn't have to ask if they were followers they knew because they "looked like Jesus".He closed with prayer for the Western Churches. David strongly spoke to his people about guarding their hearts against the "love of money" and continue in devotion to following God in all that He is doing in them. He sees the time of the restoration of their country and wants to keep his flock grounded in the love of God.

Jesse was very excited because he got his Toms fixed yesterday for .50 shoes are like new and ready to be share the pathway of peace with his brothers.

Yesterday they worked with a merchant at a hardware store that is originally from India. After hearing their story he is devoted to help with supplies and would like be involved in further progress for the orphanage. If you enjoy reading I highly recommend a book titled "The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant" Had been a long time since I read it( clear back to CO days!) and revisited as we continue to pray for the church plant that Jared and Jess are involved in Chicago...anyway good lesson in understanding the role that merchants play in strong missions.

They will finalize the purchasing tomorrow and then head for Bomi. Prayers please as mentioned yesterday their truck is not running well and they also will need to rent another truck to hall all their materials ....keep in mind these are not big four wheel trucks...little Toyota trucks. It is about a 2 hr trip and on very treacherous roads.  They will be there until the 19th finishing the two existing buildings inside; piping wiring, kitchen, and doors, as well as painting. Jesse also spoke with the director of Water for Life concerning the drilling of a well. He has agreed to drill the well for free!!  Such a blessing.

They will return to Davids church for Easter Sunday...what an experience that will be. The 21st -24th will be spent in Monrovia at Eleanors orphanage helping her with repairs and projects still needed to make their life more comfortable. She currently houses 26 children.

As the Jess' would say until then ....Stay salty

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