Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior

do you see you recognize the very Spirit of God working and present all around you?

we have been studying the story of the Road to Emmaus from the book of Luke during Lent. we read of the very disciples that had walked and lived with Jesus for 3 years not even knowing it was Him when he walked right beside them following His resurrection. we are learning how the followers looked downward, and backward, and even forward but not inward. Not into the very word of God and heart of God to find truth and hope and life.

Pastor David spoke concerning this very thought... in Isaiah 43:10 God  proclaims "Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing." not living in the expectation of the past, or pondering the history ...The vision for this land was first planted back in the 1970's.  For 40 years they have waited, watched, and anticipated the fulfillment. In our "microwave society" do we even know how to wait?..for anything... let alone God? Pastor David and Pastor Willy two of the leaders and visionaries of the CAFMACP team are both in their 50's and realize they will probably not live to see this vision come to pass. Yet, they are excited to know that God has placed the Jess' there to faithfully see it through, to walk with their people and serve them bringing Kingdom life.

David was very thoughtful and called ahead to have the crew set up the outdoor shower and have water boiling so that they could take a shower after the long bumpy ride in the back of the truck. The women of the villages were eager to greet them the next morning with water on for Paulina and Jesses coffee! They are recognizing the powerful message of trust that the people have experienced since they returned as promised. Both are enjoying reconnecting with "family" they haven't seen in a year! The chief who oversees the construction greeted Jesse with "Banya, welcome" (this is the nickname they gave Jesse last year-- it means "naked one" because he always works with his shirt off.

Yesterday was so meaningful and the presence of God so near. The chiefs from surrounding villages, government officials as well as the CAFMACP team set the cornerstones claiming the 50 acre property. Each stone was set with fervent prayer as well as anointing oil placed in each hole before the stone was set. A gentleman from one of the nearby villages was also present. He was a witness to the man who originally commited the land for the orphanage. He is now blind and as they lifted Praise to God tears poured down his face. " I saw this land when it was I cannot see but know that God is here. His spiritual eyes are very you see Him? Reminded me of the story of Simeon and Anna as they waited for the Messiah.

Materials this far have cost $4,000 this includes fish and rice(100 lbs) to feed themselves and the crew during their time there. They have hired 7 men to help with the building projects. The crews have been busy laying conduit, running wire, plastering, hanging doors and windows as well as framing the ceiling and pouring the floor in the 2nd building that they worked on last year. Jessica and Paulina are preparing the soil for the garden and then will do the whitewashing when the buildings are ready. The seeds they purchased cost $200 US dollars! Definetly looking into some alternatives for next year to get seed there. Jessica will plant cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, tomato, corn, and watermelon. They also found fish (Tilapia) for the aquaponics system. Jesse hopes to begin construction this weekend.

Night before last after their time of study Pastor David asked Jessica to close in prayer. Sweet Jessica with her beautiful quiet spirit ...very peacefully lifted the name of Jesus in thanks for His provision, blessing the land He has provided and peace for His people. As the amens were spoken Pastor David replied. "It is good to pray quiet sometimes too!!" The African people know how to shout to God with shout of glory but Miss Jessica is teaching them about the "still, small voice" thanks for being a blessing Jess.

The team will remain in Bomi until the 19th. They will return to Monrovia for Easter Sunday and then spend 3 days at Eleanors orphanage helping with projects to make their life more comfortable as well as sharing the love of Jesus in story and song.

Praying you have many God sightings ... be present, and watchful,

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