Merry Christmas from the Phillips! We had plans to head to the beach at about 10am, but we are on Liberian time so it turned into about 11:30am. We loaded our food and drinks into the mini van, packed ourselves in, and then tried to start the car. Tried. Turns out while Nosh (an adopted son of David and Wilma) was washing the car he ran the battery out by listening to music. haha! So another 30 minutes and we got the battery charged and headed to the beach with only a few other hindrances. 

The beach was amazing! Jesse and I agreed it was probably the nicest place we’ve ever been. We swam, laughed, and of course played Frisbee. We enjoyed some COLD PEPSI, yes, COLD POP!! We had BBQ chicken, french fries, potato salad, and even cake! What a refreshing day it has been! Ma Wilma, Hannah, and Pinkie worked very hard to prepare a very nice meal for us, and it was delicious!

I told Jesse today, “Well, if we are going to be away from family on Christmas at least we’re on a beach!” We shared with David our family traditions for the season and that’s when it really sank in that we (by we I mean mostly me, Jessica) are homesick. Even in the sadness that comes along with the distance we are blessed to be able to have video calls. Our hearts are with our families that are also seeing Christmas a little differently this year. We love you all so much!

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