Yesterday marked the end of a 3 day national conference held by CAFMACP at the Whole Gospel Church in Monrovia. Before we made the decision to come to Liberia in December, we had no idea this conference was going to happen. The minute we called David and announced our decision, He was very excited to tell us that we would be able to attend this years conference. To be very honest we had no idea at the time what that would entail. Now, after experiencing the Holy Spirit, God confirmed with us that this is right where He wants us.

The theme of the 3 day conference was called Awakening Dreamers. And let me tell you. Many people will remember this conference as a turning point in their walk with God. All of us can say that we have dreams and visions for our life. Most of those dreams that we have are personal dreams, dreams of prosperity and wealth. Maybe dreams of personal success in a career or with your family. But some of those dreams are put there by the creator to instill in you a desire to be a part of His plan. This conference was geared around finding those dreams and drawing them out to be used by God. We had an amazing praise team that led us to a time of worship and helped to create an atmosphere for the Lord to speak. We also had a prayer team that covered this conference with a blanket of prayer several days before, and even during our time together.

On Day 1 Pastor David Snylder, founder and executive director of CAFMACP, opened up the conference by teaching about the work of the Holy Spirit in the entire scope of ministry. In Genesis when God created the earth it was in a state of emptiness and void. The Holy Spirit hovered over it and then God said let there be light…..And there was light! You see, the Holy spirit was present and active in the creation of the world, and in acts we read the the Holy Spirit was also present and active in the creation of the church and is still active today. We should not act unless the Holy Spirit moves. The Holy Spirit takes chaos and brings it into order. He talked about the fact that the church (I’m talking about the entire body of Christ here) is broken. The very thing that God wants to use as an instrument of reconciliation can’t even reconcile itself. We fight and disagree and say things like “my church does this.” And its because the church today is afraid to give full control to the Holy Spirit to bring chaos back into order. He then began to touch on the fact that we must be discontent with the chaos in order for the Holy Spirit to reveal the realities of God. God’s discontent with Adam being alone brought eve. Noah was grieved or discontented with the lifestyle of the people. Lot was vexed or discontented. Paul writes about pressing forward and taking personal responsibility and being discontent with the things of the past. The reality is that the church ( entire body of christ) is dying but the church is not crying. And until we, as a church, cry out to the Lord and say, “Lord! We are not content with the lifestyles of our people. We are not content with the ways the we treat our own brothers and sisters in christ. We desire to follow your lead and bring us back into alignment,” we will continue to face the same issues and tests, and we will get what we need from the Holy Spirit.

We were then very blessed to hear Bishop Nathaniel Zarway teach us about how to have the unction to function. His first passage was Luke 3:21-22. He said only wise men will open there riches to Jesus and follow His purposes and only fools will try to stop it. He talked about prayer and described is as being like the master key in a hotel. Prayer has the capacity to open every door. And it was not designed to make us beggars, but to enhance our relationship with God. He talked about Jesus’ baptism and how while He was being baptized, He prayed and heaven opened up. Prayer opened heaven. He then began to speak against the mindset of Liberian people. He said theres a difference between depending on Above, and depending on abroad. Receiving from abroad is a blessing, but the bible says the best blessing is to GIVE. He spoke about the need to start relying above rather than abroad. I think that is a message for all of us.

The blessings continued on day 2 with Reverend Foday E. Karpeh speaking on The church and the state: God’s plan for the nation. He laid out Gods expectations from the church. 1.) Vision and Calling: Spiritual diet of having Sunday Service, Childrens Programs, Womens Group, etc… is not part of your vision and calling. Daniel brought an entire nation to their knees and he had no church but he had a vision and he had a calling. Where there is vision, there will be provision. 2.) Ministry Context: quality not quantity. if your don’t understand your context, you will wish for things you are not called to do. 3.) Anointing: All throughout the bible kings were anointed for a purpose. We must find what our anointing is and use it. Its like a doctor being a specialist. If you break a bone, you don’t go to the brain specialist. We then heard from another speaker talking about the Fathers and the Sons of vision. When you lack vision, you fall for anything. Esau exchanged his birthright. You always want what others have, and you use everything you have in one day without thought of tomorrow. He spoke of Joseph when Potiphar’s wife pulled his garments off, he ran saying, “you can take my garments, but you can’t take my vision!!!” When he was thrown into jail, he said with his actions, “ You can put me in prison, but you cannot imprison my Dream!” I someone out there can proclaim that now as they struggle through hard times but will not waver because they have a vision from God.

Day 3 was a day of impartation. The Holy Spirit sat in the church like a fog. Pastor David spoke on the power that we have within us. His main points were how we can take the anointing from in you and bring it on to you to do ministry. First you have to know how to pray. Prayer is powerful and the Lord hears our prayers. Second, you must know how to fast. In Exodus, it talks about how some demons take fasting and prayer in order to get out. Next, you must know how to praise and worship God. In 2 kings, their worship brought the anointing. Last you must know the word of God. As we began to praise and worship God, the Holy Spirit freely sat upon us and we were blown away by what He did. As we sang people began to come forward and kneel and press in to hear from the Lord. As David prayed over people they were being slain in the Spirit and many people received anointing and healing. Tongues were spoken, people were freed from their chains, and we gave glory to God!

We finished out the conference with Pauline giving a presentation on the work of CAFMACP and how far we’ve come. We had a projector, but it was overheating and we had difficulty showing all of the pictures but we were able to get the point across. We wrapped everything up with acknowledging the Lord and thanking the many people who sacrificed to put everything together. Pastor Willie, Pastor Jorgbor, The Whole Gospel Church, and many others.

Let me tell you something else. These people know how to give! Every day there was a laundry basket set out in the front of the church. And by the end of every day it was almost half full of cash. These are people that make an average of 1 US dollar a day. But they realize the importance of relying above instead of abroad. Yesterday the Holy Spirit came like a fog. People were slain in the Spirit. And a lot of people included me received an impartation. I’m beginning to understand where we are going to fit in this program. The Holy Spirit is bringing it all to alignment. Hold on to your britches people. We’re going to be going for a ride and I don’t know where God is taking us but I know that He is going to provide. Where there is vision, there is provision.

Keep praying and He will tell you the same thing. Our heavenly Daddy’s hand is moving! All I have to say is hold on! Get in the boat and buckle up. The Holy Spirit is coming like a wave to push us out to sea. It might be a bumpy ride but it’s gonna be a good one. And at the end of the day, God will get the glory.

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