Welcome to the 4TL online store. We are currently launching a T-shirt Campaign to raise funding and awareness for the under-resourced people of Liberia. We are offering many different styles and colors of shirts. some of them are not yet pictured. You have two options to buy these awesome shirts!






OPTION #1 Individual Order

If you’re on this page and you just think “Hey I like one of those shirts and I would like to buy one!” Click here to be redirected to our single shirt order form. You can fill out your information and we’ll get back with you on the specifics how you can pay for and pick up your shirt.

OPTION #2 Organize Tshirt Fundraiser

If you’re reading this and think, ” Hm, I can go one step further. I can organize a sale of these shirts in my Church, Group, School, or Community to help 4TL fund raise for empowerment projects in Liberia.” EXCELLENT! We have everything you need to make that happen!!  Just click here to open a packet which has a brief overview of our organization to help you when people ask who you’re fundraising for, A complete order form to hand out to everyone you know, and an awesome poster to hang up in your school, church, or community. Once all your orders are in and your money is collected click hereto be directed to the online order form