the problem


Over 1/3 of the worlds population lives in some form of earthen structure. This statistic is much larger when you zoom in on Liberia alone. A large majority of Liberia's population lives in mud structures which attract bugs, mold, and moister. The living conditions in Liberia are one of the major causes of illness and can eventually lead to death. In addition to this problem churches and Christ-centered institutions are being forced spend a large portion of their resources on infrastructure that is not stable or sustainable rather than putting their resources towards their actual ministry and vision. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed as a priority. 


the solution


For the Lamb has been blessed with a BP-714 Compressed Earth machine. This process takes a mixture of 74% dirt, 20% sand, and 6% cement and hydraulically compresses the mixture under 1500 psi to create building blocks (called V-Lock Blocks) that exceed strength standards for cinder blocks even in the U.S. The benefits and qualities of these blocks are too many to count.

  1. Creates superior indoor environments
    • Earth Block structures are warm, solid, and quiet. It has been described as having a warm comfortable blanket wrapped around you.
  2. Environmentally sound
    • Earth Block structures can use up to 20 to 30% less energy to heat and cool than concrete block or wood frame structures.
    • Dirt is a renewable resource that is plentiful.
    • Earth Blocks take very little energy to make compared to the extreme heat necessary to make cement, the firing process required to make bricks, and the deforestation required to build with wood.
    • Earth Block walls are sound proof, fire proof, bullet proof, bug proof, and mold proof.
  3. Use materials available locally
    • Materials to make earth blocks are plentiful and can often be found locally reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. Earth blocks can often be made at the construction site which eliminates the need to transport the materials required to build the walls.
  4. Non-Toxic
    • Since the blocks are made from natural materials they do not out-gas any toxic chemicals like most conventional building components.
  5. Long lasting
  6. Earthen homes have been around for thousands of years. Earth Blocks will last for centuries. Average life of a wood frame building is 49 years.


The Solution is simple. We were blessed with a world changing technology and it is our duty to share it with as many as we possibly can and we accompany the technology with the good news of Jesus' love and sacrifice. This is why we have designed a two-arm ministry in order to make the entire process sustainable. Which brings us to......


Kingdom Earth Builders

The raw materials to make the blocks are cheaper than for cement block, allowing us to hire 25 men to make the blocks.  This provides income and discipleship for an additional 25 Liberian families.

Our vision is to build a block yard where BP-714 Compressed Earth Machine can operate year round. We would then sell the blocks retail and contract for large scale projects. The revenue from this business would be able to be used to partner with Churches, Schools, and Christ Centered institutions to help provide solutions for their infrastructure needs so they can turn their focus to the vision God gave them in Liberia.

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